The Lexicon of Markov

Jerma Elbertson
Führer of Germany
Term: April 23rd, 1937 - February 2nd, 1944
Predecessor: Adolf Hitler
Successor: William Darrel Mays Sr. (as President)
Full Name: Jeremy Harrington Elbertson-Shaft
Titles: Führer of Germany (Jermany)
Chancellor or Germany (Jermany)
"God King"
"Warrior Supreme"
The Lowercase J
Birthplace: Munich, Germany, Earth
Age: 41 before death (1902-1944)
Height: 5'2" (officially)
5'8" (according to himself)
Relationships: Aurelian Shaft (Biological Father)
Wilheim Elbertson (Adoptive Father)
Unknown Mother
The J (Ruler)
Ludwig A. Beck (Trusted Ally)
Benito Mussolini (Ally)
Showa Hirohoto (Ally)
Alignment: Evil
Appearances: Events before Wacks of Iron
Wacks of Iron

Jerma "Nine-Eight-Five" Elbertson was a German politician, soldier, and filmmaker who was elected as the Führer of Germany after Adolf Hitler's assassination on April 20th, 1937. After his sudden rise to power, he would be contacted by a mysterious figure known as The J, who would convince him to lead the Nazi Army into invading Luxembourg, initiating what would become World War II. He was very directly tied to the majority of the war, and became corrupted by evil throughout. This corruption would lead to Jerma eventually carrying out The J's plans of world domination, in which he would ally with Italy and Japan to make the Jackass Powers. Jerma would eventually be exiled and executed on February 2nd, 1944. He is mostly remembered as an evil individual.