The Lexicon of Markov

Ava Mansex
Secretary of State of the United States of America
Term: March 4th, 1940 - May 12th, 1942
Predecessor: Bud Swanson
Successor: Billy-Bob Samuelson III
Full Name: Aloevera Transenburg-Mansex
Titles: Co-Founder of Dick & Sex Toys Co.
First Chairman of SmileCorp (Retroactive)
Birthplace: Leipsic, Delaware, United States, Earth
Age: 95 before death (1846-1942)
Height: 5'10"
Relationships: Paul Transenburg (Father)
Ethel Mansex (Mother)
Richard Frances (Associate)
Hector Boyardee (Business Partner)
Alignment: Good
Appearances: Events before Wacks of Iron
Wacks of Iron
WackyWorld RPG

Aloevera "Ava" Transenburg-Mansex was a woodcrafter and inventor. He was the co-founder of Dick and Sex Toys Co., patented the first fully operational prosthetic limb, held the office of Secretary of State, and was a close friend and business partner to infamous six-time presidental nominee Hector Boyardee. He died in action in World War II, during Operation Jermacide, in which he sacrified himself to steal Jerma's Totem of Undying in order to revive Aurelian Shaft, a crucial moment which turned the tides of the war. Due to this, Ava is mostly remembered as a war hero.

Early Life

Ava Mansex was born in 1846 in Leipsic, Delaware, in which he would live during his entire childhood. He was the only child of U.S. Air Force captain, Paul Transenburg (1811 - 1863), and leatherworker, Ethel Mansex (1813 - 1865).

As a child, Ava was always a curious individual, and loved learning, usually obtaining high grades in school. From the age of 9, he began to experiment with wood, carving and creating sculptures and mechanisms. After turning 12, Ava began work as a farmer, in order to fund his personal projects. This would eventually lead to a major accident at age 15, where he would trip into a tangled pile of unused barbed wire, and mangle his face, leading to his left eye getting removed, and replaced by a glass prosthetic. At 17, his father would die in the Civil War, and at 19, his mother would take her own life. The pain of losing both his parents at an early age would lead him to make the decision of never having any children, so that they would never have to suffer through the emotional torture he faced. He would stop working at the farm at age 20, where he, as well as another farmer and fellow woodworker by the name of Richard "Dick" Frances, would amass enough money to open up their own company.

Dick's Hardwood Emporium (1866 - 1888)

Ava and Dick's first business was Dick's Hardwood Emporium, a general store in Dover, Delaware, which sold various goods, including handcrafted wooden supplies created by Ava and Dick themselves.