The Lexicon of Markov

Lord Exdeath
Ruler of the Void
Term: May 27th, 1628 - September 29th, 1943
Predecessor: Enuo
Successor: Count Bleck
Full Name: Exodes Dualscar Ampora
Titles: The Orphaner
Lord of Evil
Lord of the Void
Lord of the Violet
Cloud of Darkness
Birthplace: The Forest of Moore, World R
Age: Over 1,000 Years Old
Height: 7'8"
Relationships: Ampora Family (Descendants)
Kefka Palazzo (Partner in Crime)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Appearances: Most events before Wacks of Iron
Wacks of Iron
Deltaspoons (cameo)
ReddiTower (cameo)
WackyWorld RPG (secret boss)
I Want To Be Human, Too (flashbacks, secret summon)

Exodes "Exdeath" Ampora, also known by his ancestral name Dualscar, is the true Lord of Violet, previous ruler of the Void, and one of the three primary antagonists of the WackyLore series.

Origins, Before the Collision

Exdeath was born within a fragment of World R, a planet within the Realms of A, as the great tree Sadalmelik'suud, grown with the intention to seal evil. However, the evil forces within him caused him to obtain physical form and sentience, and spite humanity for using him as a tool. The ancient sage Ghido sealed him away from that world before he could cause any destruction.

The earliest events of Exdeath's sentient life occur during Zodiark's origial War of the Espers in ancient Ivalice, in which he was assigned the astrological sign of Aquarius, and became the Cloud of Darkness, "Famfrit". Most of the details from this period are unknown. In the events of Final Fantasy XII an Esper, also named Famfrit, was forged from his will.

After the war, Zodiark would create a new planet, named "Zenith", which would be the home of his twelve warlords. Here, Exdeath would receive his true name: Exodes Ampora, as well as the royal title of Orphaner, and the formal name of Dualscar. He would also receive the Kingdom of the Violet, from which the Ampora Family would be born.

470 years after he was sealed away from his homeworld, Ghido's seal would finally break. Realizing this, Exdeath would return to World R to settle the score. Initially, he was sealed yet again by the Dawn Warriors over the course of thirty years, after which he would break free again. He would fight against Bartz and his friends during the events of Final Fantasy V, and finally take over the Void. Although he was sealed away from World R, his reign over the void remained furthermore, even after the Collision.

Delta Timeline

Exdeath plays an antagonistic role in A.H.'s title Dimensions Cross, during Acts 4 and 5. He later disappears back into the void.

Omicron Timeline

Exdeath is a minor antagonist in A.H.'s title The Winds of Midnight, but is eventually defeated and retreats to the void.

Sigma Timeline

Chaemahftrr's Dualscar

Before Wacks of Iron

Wacks of Iron

After Wacks of Iron