The Lexicon of Markov

Supreme Ruler of China
Term: September 11th, 1941 - May 22nd, 1944
Predecessor: Chiang Kai-shek
Successor: Souljee-tan
Full Name: Soh Gea Xuanji
Titles: Supreme Ruler
Number One
Birthplace: Yuanjiang, China, Earth
Age: 15 before death (1929-1944)
Height: 2'03"
Relationships: Yi Jian Xuanji (Father)
Bing Chilling (Mother)
Soh Chii Xuanji (Sister)
Soulja Boy (Creator of her clone)
Alignment: ???
Appearances: Events before Wacks of Iron
Wacks of Iron
Redditower [cameo]
WackyWorld RPG [clone]
I Want To Be Human, Too [clone]

Soulja-Tan is a descendant of the ancient Wackics who was the leader of China during World War II, in which she would attack the Allied Forces after the Jackass Powers were dissolved. She died after "Spicy Meatball" was detonated over China, and her sister, Souljee-tan, would create Taiwan over the ashes of China. Around a hundred years later, the dastardly Soulja Boy, henchman of The J, would clone Soulja-tan, creating a reincarnated form of herself. Though, Soulja-tan would break free from Soulja Boy's control, and become friends with the Chosen Four. After the events of WWRPG, Soulja-tan became a resident of Thejistan. She is also one of many allies Gemini can summon in I Want To Be Human, Too.